Building & Construction Signs

Do people wonder what you do when they drive by?

 Banner – The most basic of all outdoor graphics is the banner.   Typically a 3’ x 6’ or 4’ x 8’ on a fence, tied to the building, on posts, getting a message out to employees, customer & prospects.   But, banners can be so much more.

Building Banners – whether it is a 270’ wide x 65’ tall banner on the end of your building that becomes a landmark, or a changeable building banner system allowing you to get a big message that can be economically changed regularly.  Building banners give you a billboard to share your message.

Fence Banners –  fence banners have long been used to shelter contractions locations.  Bland, single colors – why not turn in into a huge message board.   Mesh banner material allows you to zip tie hundreds of feet of banner to your chain link fence telling your story.  The mesh allows the wind to blow through without the huge “smily face” wind slits of years gone by.

Smaller aluminum signs – typically just used for parking and directional signage in your parking lot, now you can print full color on these aluminum signs.  Let people know that your video camera’s are watching them, set aside space for key customers, give messages about your company in a clean, professional  display.

Pole Banners – take your message to the parking lot lights poles, and on the strides with some boulevard poles fit with pole banner mounting hardware.   Typically up to 24 square feet of 2 sided marking space.

Typically sign refresh solutions – moulded letters, acrylic backlit sings, way finding signage, monument signs,  Post & Panel signs, metal signage, pan faces, digital signage by Watchfire.  All signs that Repros can help you design and install.

Windows provide excellent opportunity to add architectural colors and textures. Print images that can be seen from the outside without eliminating the view from the inside out.  List names and key information on entry doors,  Reduce UV rays that come though your window for safety, color fastness inside and energy efficiency.

And more, new and unique ideas:  What about graphics that apply to your cement or asphalt outside.   You can put a graphics on brick that looks like it was melted onto the building.  A custom awning can be made to give shelter outside and you can print your logo across the entire space.

Repros is not just a basic, large format printer, we are on the cutting edge coming up with new ideas to make people notice your building.