Digital Signage

Digital Signage has evolved as a cost effective communication and marketing tool.  A variety of indoor and outdoor digital media devices relay scheduled messages or relevant dynamic content to your target audience fast.  Video, digital images, RSS feeds and more can be easily integrated into your message solution.

Digital signage offers more control and flexibility than traditional signage.  You can instantly change messages, artwork, offer promotions, and deliver strategic marketing messages and management directives.   Marketing comes alive with real-time integration of video and social media content.


Emergency messages and special notices can be easily and quickly displayed on internal and external digital sign displays.   Content can be pushed to targeted audiences at specific locations around your facility.  Scala Software allows you to create, manage and update digital signage messaging for all the signs on your network.

Repros expertise in the quality signage and digital media arena assure we can help you design a custom marketing solution that meets your needs!

Digital sign uses

  • Social Media 
  • Interactive Wayfinding 
  • Emergency Messages 
  • Live Video Feeds 
  • RSS Feeds 
  • Custom Creative Messages 
  • Retail and Point-of-Purchase 
  • Video Commercials 
  • Menu Boards 
  • Donor Boards 
  • Dynamic Event Calendars
  • Meeting Room Boards


  •  Target Messages to specific locations 
  • Schedule Content 
  • Immediate update and changes 
  • Interactive live video, database & RSS Feeds 
  • Provide personal welcome messages 
  • Improve audience experience 
  • Upsell, cross-sell, merchandise, advertise. 
  • Create instant profit centers by selling advertising and using co-op dollars.