Inside Signs

Your lobby is the first impression for customer, prospects, interviewees, employees and visitors.   What does it say about you?

Banners – Banners are a basic, easy way to have an inexpensive message to share your success.   The great things about banners is that they can be almost any size to fit space, they can be on a variety of materials from basic scrim vinyl to canvas, fabric, media backdrop, super smooth, dozens of choices.  Take them to the next level to create customer space with Banner walls that section off space or cover areas that you do not want to be seen.

Poster are a mainstay of internal communications.   Human Resources gets the word out.  Events can be quickly displayed in key areas.   Sales, Marketing and other groups drive greater sales with incentives.

Walls – we can help you with affordable, framed pictures that are photographic or canvas. There are great local photographers who can license their work in your office – would you like to have a series of Blue Herron from the Cuyahoga Valley?   But there is so much more.  Print on the back of clear acrylic and mount it to the wall with stand offs.  Use any number of rigid materials that can be mounted to the wall.  Create your own, customer digital wallpaper with your choice of texture.

Logo – create an eye catching, 3-D logo to mount on your reception desk or on the wall behind your receptionist.

Digital messaging – Don’t just show a TV Channel and their commercials, make your own customer TV channel.   Show your videos, tell your story, welcome guests.   You can set yourself apart with custom, digital messaging.

Custom Blinds.  There are plenty of boring grey mesh blinds, why not print a message on the blinds for those outside while cutting down the bright sunshine?  We can make them retractable!

Ceiling – dropping message boards from ceilings shows where groups of employees work.  They create teams in areas of your office.  They direct people through your maze of cubes.  They direct people to key areas like restrooms, conference rooms, exits and more.  Take it up a notch by printing directly on your ceiling tiles.  Look at a blue, cloudy sky without walking outside.

Floors provide opportunity to print your own “yellow brick road” to take people though your office.  Directions, lines of colors for safety, key areas, all messages that can be on the ground.

Windows provide many unique architectural elements to create space.  Etched glass look that can be cut to show your logo.   Colors can block visibility, can be translucent giving a stained glass appearance or transparent where you get a sunglasses look.   Then add works and pictures to take it to another level!

Wayfinding solutions from basic room numbers and facilities signs, to safety & security signs, to interactive directional signs, we can help.

Other unique solutions – What about custom dry erase boards?   Custom displays can turn your show room into a museum –  even go interactive digital!  Stick a 2 sided TV screen on a window!