Local Printers or Vista Print?

Why work with a local printer instead of Vista Print?

You have probably seen those television ads and prints where you can “save a bundle” by using a special code with Vista Print. The prices they offer for business cards almost make it seem like they are giving them away. So, you may ask yourself, “Why should I not use a national service like Vista Print instead of a local printer like Repros?”

The answer is simple.

Companies like Vista Print use certain items, like business cards as a loss leader to just get your attention and your business. Sure, you may save some money on business cards, but you will not save in the long run with other items or customer service.

First, shipping is not free. For many orders it can add 20% or more to your printing cost plus add days to turn around your order. At Repros, we have 3 convenient locations where you can pick up your order or, we can have it delivered to you.

Flexibility. We are a local company. We are here to meet your needs and offer custom solutions. We have a highly trained staff that knows and understands printing and how to use it effectively for marketing. It is easier for us to offer custom solutions – and at better costs – than some of the larger national companies who use a “cookie-cutter” approach to printing. We also have more machines, substrates and solutions than most of the national competitors.

Customer Service. As a local company, we have a stake in helping your business grow and succeed. Because….it also helps our business! If you have a question or an issue, you can not only call us, but you can visit our offices and meet with members of our team who are always more than happy to assist you with your needs.

You can’t do that with the companies like Vista-Print.

Sure, you may save a couple of dollars on business cards, but you can loose thousands when it comes to working with the wrong printing company for your marketing needs.

If you can get the same offer local, why would you go anywhere else?